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About Us

To establish an international platform that enhances the exchanges of ideas between China and the world.
To present China's multiple facets, reduce confusion and eliminate prejudice.
Founded in 2013, Oxford China Forum (OCF) is a student-run annual conference, bringing together scholars, professionals in their respective fields, and university students across the UK.
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Today's Youth, Tomorrow's World
The Chinese youth of our generation are born in a time of change. China's rapid economic development improved the material quality of their lives. New technologies allow them to experience the world in ways like never before, whilst globalisation opens up the path to a wider world. Our time creates opportunities and challenges. The youth of our time builds their own world upon these opportunities and challenges. The youth of our time are also changed by these opportunities and challenges.
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Turning adversity into opportunity:
China’s arduous march amid global turbulence
In 2020, the trend of globalization encounters unprecedented challenges and crises. The rise of nationalism and isolationism means that global communication and cooperation has become particularly important.
Aiming at building an international platform to enhance the exchange of ideas between China and the world, Oxford China Forum held a summit in China for the first time in collaboration with LSE China Forum (The First LSE-Oxford China Forum).
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Panels in OCF2021


The Flow of Chinese Culture

Youth and Global Affairs

Young and Powerful: The Role of Youth in Global Affairs


On the Edge of Advancement - AI and Global Priority


Let's Talk About 'Laugh' - Seriously


How to Understand Chinese Feminism

Involution Seminar

Involution: How Are the Chinese Youth Trapped in Malicious Competitions?

Fandom Seminar

Behind the Radicalisation of Fandoms in China




19/03/2021 - 22/03/2021

Over 30 renowned guests

Scholar, entrepreneurs and professionals

7 Multifaceted Panels

Our Past Speakers

Kevin Michael Rudd

Former prime minister of Australia

Professor Louise Richardson

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford

Wang Jianer

Chairman of Shanghai Film Group

Wang Zhonglei

CEO of Huayi Brothers Entertainment

Professor Chas Bountra

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Innovation at the University of Oxford

Xiaoping Xu

Cofounder of ZhenFund, a preeminent investor

Xie Fei

Chinese Film Director, Golden Bear Winner

Li Zexiang

Chairman and Co-Founder of DJI

Wen Muye

Director of ‘Dying to Survive’

Gao Xixi

Chinese Television Director

Jin Xing

Transgender dancer and talk show host

Rana Mitter

Director of Oxford China Center

Li Dahai

CTO of Zhihu

Lesile Liu

Vice-President of

Professor Geoffrey Garrett

Dean of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Chen Zhihao

Deputy General Manager of R&F Group

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